Juul and Vapor Product Distribution to the Military & C-Store Channel

Juul is now a major driver of revenue in the vapor category. However, adding other E-liquid, MODS, Tanks, Coils and supplies are also an important addition to your stores revenue growth. 

Replacing lost revenue from a decline in traditional cigarette sales is critical. Improve your revenue by adding Juul and other vapor products to your tobacco, cigar, and smoking paraphernalia sets. 

If you already carry Juul we can increase vape category revenue up to 100%. We have the numbers to prove it!

Trust your military and convenience store fulfillment needs to an experienced player in multi-store vape distribution channel. 

Understanding the vape consumer and products that have high velocity are the most important aspect when choosing a supplier to this channel.  

RAD Vapor has the vapor product distribution and experience in setting up planograms for e-liquid and vape supplies in in the c-store channel. We can guide you to what products are right for your unique locations. All locations are different and require the expertise and experience RAD has to offer. 

Vape shop in Military exchange mall

Vape shop in Military exchange mall